Full-time Faculty


Really? You actually believe that university professors are "full-time"? We, at Darrtown University, are realists; so, please...move on.


Part-time Faculty


All our professors are part-time. The list of our part-time faculty is being compiled by our crack staff. Note: in this instance, the term "crack" is used as an adjective, not a noun.


Adjunct Faculty:


The dictionary defines "adjunct" as being: "subordinate, auxiliary, assistant; temporary, provisional." In other words, these are the worker-bees. We will ask each of these individuals to submit a resume, in triplicate, before the end of the day, so that we may create a directory, which will be filed...sometime, in a location to be determined.

Faculty Positions are Available

Requirements: Applicants must have a college degree

Note: In the finest tradition of university protocol, we take care of our own. Therefore, if you hold a degree from Darrtown University, we will find a position for you that is commensurate with your qualifications. If your qualifications supersede our needs, we will endeavor to help you adjust.


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