Darrtown University does not discriminate (nor are we fussy about entrance exams, past grades, test scores, etc.).


If you pony-up the admission fee, we will find a virtual chair for you, in any course that you desire. NOTE: If your desired course is not part of our curriculum, we will consider adding it, if the proper incentives are forthcoming - from your bank account to ours.


Submit the admission fee and, within a matter of days [or however long it takes for your check to clear the bank or for PayPal to verify your credit card], we will process your (a) enrollment, (b) course work, and (c) graduation papers.


As a promotional event, Darrtown University offers an "early-bird, blue-light" special that combines the price of admission, with the price of a diploma.

Often times, the admission process at a traditional university is a time-consuming experience. However, at Darrtown University, we offer a unique opportunity, wherein you may purchase a diploma, while being admitted to the school.

See the Book Store page.

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